Why I Started It

One day, I was on my way home when I had a call about someone breaking into my home. Since I live alone and are living nearby to my relatives, I didn’t think anything would happen. Well, it turns out someone broke into my place while I was gone. Fortunately, I have insurance to cover it and what was missing was some money and some other items that were important to me. It also got mixed with some that I still want but aren’t too expensive to get. I do safety and security website on the side while not at work.

After that incident, I made sure to lock the doors and stuff. Unfortunately, on that particular day when my place got broken into, the doors weren’t locked. They went into my place on one out of four doors. I own a big house that is at least about 2,000 square feet. When people see where I live, they assume more than one person lives at where I live. That’s not true. I own a big house because I can afford to and I earn a pretty good living doing what I do which is investing in different stocks, mutual funds and so forth. On top of that, I am a financial advisor to a lot of people. I have this website up as a hobby as well. I’ve been told by current customers about their experiences with a near death incident from another person that tried to physically harm them. Fortunately, none of them ended up being dead.

Since I work with people on a daily basis, I ended up being friends with some of them. I had known them on a personal level and I now have an even greater success in life. Due to what I drive which is a BMW and a big house, people assume I am stinking rich. I do make a lot of money but I also am smart with money as well. I paid for this website and domain just so people like you will read on how to stay safe no matter where you are in the world.